Curved Penis and Peyronie

It is very frequent for the penis to be slightly curved, and as people are not completely symmetrical most men have a slight deviation to one side. This penile curvature is a natural phenomenon and may not always be a sign of any deficiency or trouble.

However, if the penis has a more substantial curvature or is sharply bent upwards or to either of the sides or even downwards, this can sometimes be a sign of greater problems or even a disorder known as Peyronie’s disease. A curved or bent penis is not always a consequence of this illness, though, as it can be a consequence of past injury or accident (usually during sex or sport), or even an abnormality existing since birth. On the other hand, the Peyronie’s disease does not always manifest it-self with a curvature.

Some of the cases of penis curvature which occur later in life heal or improve naturally over time. This should happen within a year or maximum two. When the abnormalities are not too severe and do not hinder sexual activities the penis enhancement treatment is not really necessary. Even though, many patients do not need treatment because of the performance reasons, they want to improve the aesthetic appearance of their penis. To achieve this, two principle methods are available: penis enlargers and corrective surgery, the former being less invasive but slower than the latter. At this point it is also important to underline though, that a curved penis can also prevent a normal penis growth so it is wise to consult your personal physician if the treatment would be recommendable or even required.

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