Penis Augmentation Studies

Asserting a method works without bringing clinical evidence is very easy, however negates safeguarding individuals which are mosting likely to undertake such therapies. Consequently, we have gathered a checklist of penis augmentation research studies associated with several penis enhancement remedies.

Note: To maintain objectivity brand names and also trademarks have been deliberately left out

Will both flaccid and also put up length boost? Answer: Yes, both will certainly increase.

If I quit making use of a penis extender, will I shed my gains? Response: No. The extender gadget enhances the overall number of penile cells to ensure that included mass will certainly remain permanently.

Can I put on a penis extender in bed? Response: no

Can penis extenders include girth gains? Answer: Yes, to a little degree. The expansive nature of the extender additionally stretches the penis outward.

Will using a penis extender give me weak erections? Answer: No, actually, most users report tougher, fuller erections.

Just how old do I need to be to make use of a penis extender? Answer: You should be at the very least over 18 years old.

The concept of AndroPenis is based on clinical growths called penile grip. The extender itself is developed as a perfect tool for penile grip. Using the right pressure to extend the tissues of the penis, they start to divide and increase at the micro level.

This procedure is likewise called cytokinesis, and also it is actual. A penis includes cells, and also they can extending. Therefore, the penis enhancement takes place both in length and also size. The layout of AndroExtender is created specifically so that cytokinesis passes as successfully as feasible and omits any type of look of micro-traumas.

You just require to affix AndroExtender at the base of the penis as well as its glans and in between them, there is an adjustable extending power. It boosts the natural response of the body to the stretching of tissues – their recreation.

With the constant use the extender, the tissue is constantly expanding and can be loaded with blood throughout an erection. So there is a long-term rise in the cells of the penis, which ensures the rise of the penis girth and size.

That’s why thanks to our study as well as customer evaluations, we have actually currently created a clear performance routine, which you can check personally. You can utilize it as the base to prepare your routine for enhancing the penis dimension with Andropenis.

1-3 weeks: this will certainly already give outcomes. Your penis will certainly get used to constant stretching, and also the procedure of penis enhancement will certainly begin, in addition to improvement of penile erection and also straightening of the penis if you require it.

All right: the approach of stretching a penile resembles physical fitness for men. You obtain many benefits in your sex life even if you make use of Andropenis. Is this real or make believe? Then review these researches, as well as everything will become apparent to you.

4-12 weeks

Finally, after the 4th week, you can currently see genuine adjustments in the dimension of your penis. They will certainly end up being obvious, however it is desirable to compose them down to recognize the dynamics of penis enlargement . All guys have different characteristics, so the initial notes will assist you understand exactly how swiftly you can accomplish results.

After the 13th week of utilizing the extender, you will certainly be able to raise the strength of the penis traction for optimum results.

A Critical Analysis of Penile Enhancement Procedures for Patients with Normal Penile Size: Surgical Techniques, Success, and Complications

In this study (released in European Urology, April 2009) its writers (Vardi Y., et al.) have systematically reviewed articles about penis enhancement with penis surgery procedure treatments, released in English language in between 1965 and 2008. From the 176 documents discovered, they left out posts where less than 5 cases were described and articles where the type of treatment or the outcome of it was unclear.

From the 34 articles that continued to be for analysis, they concluded penis improvement surgery can supply 1-2 centimeters increase in penile size and also a 2.5 cm rise in penile girth in average. In unwanted results as well as complications located, they highlight frequent event of penile deformity, penile shortening, scarring, granuloma development, movement of injected product as well as sex-related dysfunction. They also observe reduced complete satisfaction price with the cause individuals.

Penile Extender Via Extender Study -Without Surgery- Using the Penis Extender Device

This of the first detailed studies in the area of penis enlarger was carried out in 1998 and also presented throughout the 1st Digital Sexology and also Hispano-American Sexual Education Congress in February 2001 by Dr. Eduardo A. Gomez de Diego.

In the study 37 healthy people in Spain (age 22 – 60) were determined at the beginning as well as at the end of the treatment. The traction force utilized was 600 g throughout the 1st month, 900 g during the 2nd month, 1100 g during 3rd and also 4th months and 1200 g during 5th and 6th months for 10 hours daily, on a daily basis for a period of 3-6 months. Results reveal an average of 0.5 centimeters development in size each month in erected and drooping state; as well as a growth of 0.6 – 1 centimeters in boundary in erected and drooping state during the treatment. The development associates with the moment the tool is made use of; the better the time, the greater the growth. The amount of development does not depend upon the previous natural dimension of the penis. The outcomes also mention the age of the patient does not effect the development.

Effects on Penile Size with Penile Extensor by Traction

Various other studies have proven the outcomes observed by Dr. Gomez de Diego. As an example, this study which was conducted in 2005 in Shanghai Institute of Andrology, Shanghai, China by a team of Chinese physicians (Lee Z., Zhu XB., et al.) on 30 clients, aged 16 – 70. The penis extender device was used for 3 months, 9 hrs a day. After three months penis length has increased by 2.1 centimeters in drooping and also by 2.0 centimeters in erected state. The border boosted 1.8 centimeters in drooping as well as 1.9 cm in erected state.

A Pilot Phase-II Prospective Study to Test the ‘Efficacy’ and Tolerability of a Penile-Extender Device in the Treatment of ‘Short Penis’

This is among the latest and also most important researches (released in the British Journal of Urology International, March 2009) performed by Gontero P., et al. in Turin, Italy. 15 patients were controlled to the treatment of at the very least 4 hours daily for 6 months. The observed gains were 2.3 centimeters as well as 1.7 cm for the flaccid and also erected penis respectively. The gotten development was determined again and confirmed 6 months after completion of the treatment. The research study reports only light renovation in girth, however.

Effect of Penile-Extender Device in Increasing Penile Size in Men with Shortened Penis: Preliminary Results

This research study conducted in Tehran, Iran in 2008 on 23 people (indicate age of 26.5 years) by Nikoobakht and his group (released in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, January 2010) used a penis extender for 4-6 hours per day during the initial 2 weeks and then 9 hrs per day up until completion of the 3rd month. The results determined after the therapies were 1.7 centimeters in growth in drooping and erected state.

Researches have also shown the penis extenders to be reliable in dealing with penile curvature and also effects of Peyronie’s disease.

Medical Extender for the Treatment of Peyronie’s Disease

Levine with his coworkers reports in his 2 short articles Medical Extender for the therapy of Peyronie’s disease (released in Expert Review of Medical Devices, May 2008) as well as Penile traction treatment for treatment of Peyronie’s disease: a single-center pilot research study (published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, June 2008) an improvement of penile curvature brought on by Peyronie’s disease by 10-45 levels using long term external penile grip used with a penis extender gadget. Ten men in the USA were treated with the device 2-8 hours/day for 6 months. Beside the decrease in the curvature, he additionally reports boosted penile size (1 – 2.5 centimeters) and increased upright girth 0.5-1.0 centimeters. Erectile function has additionally boosted. No damaging occasions including skin changes, ulcers, hypoesthesia or diminished rigidity were observed.

Use Penile Extender Device in the Treatment of Penile Curvature as a Result of Peyronie’s Disease. Outcomes of a Phase II Prospective Study.

One more study (published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, February 2009) done by Dr. Gontero as well as his group in Italy on 15 individuals reports comparable results. Individuals utilized the penile extender for at the very least 5 hours daily for 6 months. Documented decline of penile curvature was 27-31 levels typically after the 6 month period, while the boost of penis dimension was 1.3 centimeters as well as 0.8 cm in upright and also drooping state respectively. Results were re-measured 6 months after the completion of the therapy to validate they were long-term.

As you can see, most independent studies done to examine the performance of penis enlarger gadgets as well as treatments agree it is a reliable approach which brings desired cause penis enhancement without causing unwanted outcome or undesired negative effects in the procedure of therapy. The majority of the researches likewise state the boost of penis dimension took place both in size in addition to girth of the penis in a lot of guys examined. At the very same time, penis extenders have been confirmed to be very efficient in dealing with penile curvature also.

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Paolo Gontero  reviewed the available literature on penis extenders (andropenis) and found several studies which prove the efficacy of this technique. A study conducted in 2012 by Colpi et al. showed an increase in penile size by 1.8 cm (range +0.5 to +3.1 cm) after using a stretcher device called Andro-penis for 4 months for at least six h a day. Another study, conducted sometime back showed that using the same Andro-penis daily, for 6 months for more than four h a day, increased the size of a flaccid and a stretched penis by 2.3 and 1.7 cm respectively. In the review of another study conducted by Nikoobakht et al, there was a significant increase in the size of both flaccid and stretched penile .