Bigger Penis

It is often said size does not matter. The truth is male sexual organ has always been an important symbol of the masculinity and power. Since ancient times through tribal groups to modern celebrations around the world, thousands of phallus representations confirm the importance of penis. Penis is one of the most important organs to a grown-up man, especially, when we speak in the sense of physical appearance and the confidence or self-esteem.

Most men do not have a real medical problem with the size of penis, and mostly they just perceive their penis as below average, despite being in the average penis size range. People with real medical problem are only those who’s penis is shorter than 7 cm (2.8 inches) and thus have a micropenis.

Reasons for a Bigger Penis Desire

The feeling of an insufficient penis size and a desire for a bigger penis can come from various personal or environmental reasons that act as triggers which in the end lead to the necessity to realize this desire.

One reason which is relatively common is teasing among peers in adolescent times. The feelings of shame and lack of power against a group of bullies can persist later in life and trying to get a bigger penis is one of the psychological ways to overcome such feelings.

A very common reason is observing other men and comparing size in locker rooms and in the showers. This usually starts during teenage years, but can happen in any period of a man’s life when coming in contact with other naked men.
With the overall accessibility to erotic images and pornography, standards are being set higher. The models appearing in these kinds of images are usually “well hung” and above average penis size, but as people get most images of naked men from them (especially the images of erected penises), they start considering them normal standard. That way in comparison to them they might seem below average in size, even though they are normal.

The source of the feeling of insufficient penis size can also come from previous unsuccessful sexual relations or relationships; comparison with previous sexual partners, indifference or even criticism by a sexual partner; all of which can leave a man feeling second-rate and inadequate.

Sometimes a man ends a long lasting relationship (due to a divorce or death of his partner) and has fear to enter “the dating market” again, thus wants to make him-self more attractive for the future partners to avoid failure by trying to increase the size of his penis.

There is also a group of people which actually have penis so small they can not achieve effective penetration, because the penis does not reach the vagina or does not penetrate deep enough for successful procreation. Such cases are considered a true medical problem of micropenis and not just an aesthetic augmentation.

These are not the only reasons for a man to desire a bigger penis, only the most common ones.

Effects of the Bigger Penis Desire

Like the reasons are various, the consequences of feeling inadequately equipped or having a small penis syndrome can be various as well.

It can go from things as simple as being embarrassed when taking your clothes off in front of other people (especially unknown) to serious psychological problems.

Men unsatisfied with the size or look of their penis often have problems in their sexual life, as they consider themselves inadequate to perform well sexually. Consequentially, this may also affect other areas of their life and work. Bad sexual performance can lead to sensations of frustrations, incompetence, inferiority and low self-esteem which can then cause anxiety, depression, obsession, etc.

But the perception of penis as small does not have to be connected to the feeling of inadequate sex. Sex can be fine, as the man has the assurance of satisfying his partner and is content with it. But when comparing with other men, he feels inferior (consciously or subconsciously) and feels as he is not as he should be. This is rarer, though, but the effects of these frustrations are similar. As the sexual relationship is fine, these emotions only affect social interactions and professional success (sense of inferiority, incompetence, fear of failure, lack of courage, anxiety, low self-esteem, depression, social shyness, etc.).

Sometimes, a man can start obsessing about his penis, the size or even the shape of it. The psychological disorder named dysmorphophobia or body dysmorphic disorder is not limited only to men and does not have to be about sexual body-parts. It can be about any part of the human body, which his owner considers malformed (too big, too small, wrong shape, etc.). The symptom of this is excessive concern and preoccupation with a certain body-part’s physical appearance and discontent with it which can also lead to psychological distress and insecurity in social interactions that can escalate to severe depression, anxiety, social withdrawal or even social isolation, suicidal thoughts or even attempts, etc. Such behavior makes normal life difficult in numerous areas (work, interpersonal relations, social interactions, sexual relationship, etc.). If the condition gets too serious, it should be treated with medications and cognitive behavioral therapy.

There is Nothing Wrong in Desiring a Bigger Penis

Penis enlargement will not bring you a better job by itself (unless you are a porn-star), but it will make you happier, more satisfied and positive and boost your confidence if this is the reason for your discomfort in life. Whatever the reason for male enhancement is, we could say, there is nothing wrong with improving your body if it is possible, especially, if it brings you the self-confidence and hence the success you deserve. The most important is to like your-self!

Every man has his own story and his own reason, known or unknown, why he would like a bigger penis. To perceive your-self as looking good means feeling good about your-self; and to feel good means to be successful. It does not really matter why you want it; the important question is how you can get it!

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