Penis Enlarger

Among all the treatments available to enlarge the penis, one has had increasing success in these last years and converted it-self in a real challenger to penile surgical procedures. The fear of side effects and the high price of surgery led men to become more interested in penile stretching devices. But how exactly do these strange mechanical devices work? Do they really offer results? Nevertheless, we can say that nowadays penis enlargers are considered one of the best alternatives to penile surgery when seeking a safe and effective method to enlarge the penis.

How Does a Penis Enlarger Work?

If you want to build muscles, you go to a gym and train. That means you subject your muscles to additional burden which reinforces and strengthens them. To obtain a bigger penis, a penis enlarger device works in the same manner: you build up your penis by submitting it to additional strain.

The device called also penis enlarger or penis stretcher by some, works by progressively applying mild but constant traction to the penis. Stretching body parts is an old method, used for centuries by the tribes in Africa, Asia and Amazonia to elongate their body parts like earlobes, lips, necks, etc. The principle has also found its way into the modern western society with the popularity of extended holes in ear lobes you can sometimes see in the streets of big cities. In modern medicine this procedure is used in tissue regeneration treatments in organs such as skin, and in limb lengthening surgery. Considering, this physical principle is used in modern medical procedures to elongate for example a leg (bone and tissue), why would it not be successful in extending a penis?

Stretching the penis promotes the building of tissue inside the penis (suspensory ligament, corpus cavernosum and other tissues around it) by manipulating the cells in the penis. As the penis is stretched, the tissue is also stretched, causing very small spaces to form between the cells. These little voids are then filled with new tissue which grows naturally when the existing cells divide. The growth is not only in length but in girth as well, because the cellular division is taking place in all directions not only in the direction of the stretching. The consequence is growth in overall volume.

The general basic form of the extender device includes a plastic ring which is positioned around the base of the penis and pushes against the pelvis, two rods running at each side of the penis which can be extended as the treatment continues for several weeks, and an upper support (usually also made of plastic) to which the glans (head) of the penis is fixed with a silicone or a rubber band. The size of the device is modified according to the size of the penis at the beginning of the process and as weeks go by, the rods are extended with additional attachments to maintain continuous and increasing pressure to the penis thus making the treatment more effective. If the penis is shorter than 7-8 cm (around 3 inches) a special model for treating the micro penis should be used as the standard models are usually too long to provide the adequate treatment.

Are Penis Extenders Scientifically Proven?

Stretching a penis is the most scientifically documented non-surgical penis augmentation procedure. It has been proven in various penis augmentation studies around the world you can build a stronger, thicker as well as longer penis with the use of the penis enhancer device. The method is safe and effective, without pain and unwanted side effects. It was clinically tested, and so medically proven to be producing the expected results, if the device is used for several hours a day for at least a few months. The result is in correlation with the time the extender is worn. The results of the treatment are permanent and can be visible in flaccid and erect state.

Advantages and Inconveniences of Penis Stretchers

Extending the penis with the use of penis extender has been proven effective. The achieved penis enlargement (penis can get longer up to 4 cm / 1.6 in) is permanent and does not diminish with time. The treatment is a natural and non-invasive procedure which causes no unwanted or harmful side effects and is considered safe when all instructions of use are followed.

As the treatment can be done by only the user him-self; it is not necessary to take time off work or adapt normal daily life. It can be done discreetly and intimately, in the privacy of one’s own home, but it is still recommended to consult the personal physician. During the treatment the user can do all the things he normally does (stand, sit, walk, work, etc.) and he will feel no discomfort or inconvenience.

The downside is it is a slow procedure. The device should be used for several hours a day for several months continuously which requires patience, discipline and devotion to the goal. It should be used in flaccid state, and can not be worn during sleeping, participating in sport or other strenuous activities.

When a penis extender is compared to surgery, all these listed characteristics make it a very good alternative which makes it more popular and recommended by the doctors every day.

Other Uses of Penis Enlargers

This kind of device is not only used to extend the penis or to make it bigger in general, but is also used in some other treatments such as penis curvature correction (Peyronie’s disease), or post-operational treatment after penile or urological surgery to prevent shortening and retraction of the penis. In both of these cases it can be medically prescribed or the patient can get it by him-self, but it is advisable to consult personal physician before using it.

The good characteristics of penis enlarger and successful treatments done with it are making this device increasingly popular. This means more doctors are considering this kind of treatment, more studies about its effectiveness are being conducted and the device is being adapted for more conditions and treatments (medical as well as aesthetic).

Recommended Products

Androextender – basic extender device for penis enlargement

Made of surgical aluminum and hypo-allergenic plastics this is the basic, lighter and more affordable penis extender made by Andromedical laboratories, clinically proven to be efficient in gaining up to 4 cm (1.6 in) in length and 1.5 cm (0.6 in) in girth.

Andropenis Gold – medical extender for penis enlargement

For a slightly higher price Andromedical laboratories offer a penis extender made of hypo-allergenic plastics and nickel coated with 24-carat gold to avoid metal allergies. It is accompanied by a set of additional comfort bands, more components for protection of the penis, and includes all the guaranties and certifications.