Curve Correction Supplements

Penile curvature and even Peyronie’s disease can be helped with some supplements and prescription drugs. Orally taken or injected medications and supplements that include vitamins (mostly vitamin E), specific proteins or amino-acids, enzymes, etc., are a possibility, but results of studies of treating Peyronie’s disease by medication and supplements only, have been mixed so far.

It is known that a protein called collagen could be one of the factors in the formation of the fibrosis plaques. At present, various medications are being used to eliminate scar tissue depending on each individual case. Among the drugs we can find vitamin E, interferon (a protein that reduces plaques) and verapamil (considered a drug that can stop the collagen formation). Whatever drug is chosen, it is very difficult to prevent or eliminate scar tissue formations and in some cases those treatments can also be unsuccessful.

People who decide to use a penis enlarger to treat their curved penis can combine it with oral therapy that will help them reduce the plaques of fibrosis which are responsible for the formation of the curvature. Constant physical pressure and stretching on the affected side combined with medication therapy can lead to a higher success rate. If you decide to take any medications to help the process of penile curvature correction, do not forget to consult your personal physician first, as most of these medicines are not widely available in the market and there is always risk of drug interaction as well.