Low libido means decreased desire and interest in sex. It is not to be confused with erectile dysfunction which is inability to have or maintain erection. Men with erectile dysfunction usually still have a normal desire for sex, and vice-versa, most men with low libido can still achieve erection. Usually, these two conditions are not connected.

The loss of sexual drive in men is about half as common as in women, but when it happens to them, normally, it affects them emotionally much more then women, since men relate them-selves and their self-image to sex more.

Causes of low libido

The origins of low or lack of libido can be various, either physical or psychological. It does not have to be one particular reason; the condition can be a consequence of various causes working together.

Among physical reasons, the most common is the age. In general, sex drive diminishes when getting older, but it is also related with unhealthy lifestyle: excessive drinking of alcohol, abuse of illegal drugs (especially cocaine and heroin), obesity, etc. It can also be a consequence of an illness such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, Parkinson’s disease, anemia, arthritis or other major disease, or a chemical imbalance in the body due to low testosterone level, elevated prolactin level or intake of certain prescription drugs (anti-depressants, tranquilizers, anti-hypertension medications, etc.).

The psychological reasons cover stress, fatigue, overwork, sleep deficiency, problems in the relationship (conflict, anger, infidelity, etc.), depression, sexual orientation denial, past sexual abuse, etc.

How to increase libido?

To help with the lowered or lost libido, the measure should be adjusted to the cause. As causes are various, penis enhancement treatment to increase sexual desire should be chosen carefully. It is important to find the reason and act accordingly. It is recommended to consult your general practitioner or seek other professional help and advice.

  • Healthy lifestyle
    Healthy lifestyle will help in general: exercising, healthy diet, loosing weight, avoiding alcohol, no smoking, no drug-use, enough sleep, etc.
  • Medical conditions
    When the reason is a disease, treating it might help. If the reason lies in the prescription drugs taken, changing them for another kind might be the answer.
  • Hormonal treatment
    If the hormone levels are too low or too high, hormone therapy can be prescribed (especially effective being testosterone therapy).
  • Relax
    When the problem is on the psychological level, especially, if it originates from problems in the relationship, a simple conversation about it with the sexual partner can do a lot already. Maybe the stress and overwork are the reason and you just need a bit of rest and to relax.

    If the reason lies in latent homosexuality or bisexuality or past sexual abuse, you should address this issue and not deceive your-self or hide it.

  • Libido booster supplements
    Many times penis pills can help with boosting libido. The substances in these pills increase the blood flow to the penis and may also increase the level of hormones (especially testosterone) in the body. This helps with increased erection and more sexual desire.

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