Curve Correction Extenders

Probably the best ratio between price, aggressiveness and effectiveness of the treatment still remains in the field of approaching Peyronie’s disease and other curved penis problems with penis extender specially adapted for this kind of treatment. The only downside of it being, it takes time and therefore patience to reach a satisfactory result.

The device can be medically prescribed by the personal physician, urology specialist or the patient can buy it by his-own initiative.

How Penile Extenders Correct Curvatures?

The device works in the same way as a normal penis enlarger that is used to attain a bigger penis. It is applying traction to the penis in the longitudinal direction and thus forcing it to stretch and consequently to grow, but at the same time, it is applying grater force on the shorter side and so pressuring it to correct the curvature. The shorter side will thus be stretched harder to elongate it a bit more. While this might seem a painful or at least uncomfortable procedure, the penis accustoms it-self to the constant pressure quickly and the patient does not feel annoyance after a short adaptation period.

Extender Correction Results

Different reports and studies have shown that stretching devices can partially correct congenital or acquired curvatures like Peyronie’s up to 40%; though, this procedure requires patience and discipline, as the device has to be used for several months. Absence of side effects makes them a good alternative to surgery. In some cases of less severe curvatures, penis extenders can also produce an additional penis enhancement.

Recommended Products

Andropeyronie – medical extender device for penile curvatures

For treating medical conditions of curved penis and Peyronie’s disease Andromedical laboratories have created Andropeyronie penis extender which is confirmed to correct the curvature up to 40% and lengthen penis. The set includes the device, components for more comfort and protection of the penis and all the guaranties and certifications..