Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is defined as inability to develop or maintain erection of the penis for successful sexual intercourse. But do not be alarmed if it only happens on occasions. It is defined as a problem if it happens more than 50% of the time. As the erection is a consequence of blood filling the sponge-like tissue in the penis due to sexual stimulation, the lack of it is usually a consequence of problems in the cardiovascular system, but it can also be of a psychological nature.

One way of monitoring your penis erection health is measuring stiffness or rigidity of the penis by resistance force against a special device called erectile health monitor.

Causes of E.D.

The causes of erectile dysfunctions are various. It can be connected to a physical condition or illness, psychological disorder, lifestyle reasons or other. It can also be a combination of a few distinct problems working mutually and contributing one to another.

Physical causes of E.D.:

The physical origins can be found in diseases of the cardiovascular system and heart disease, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, stroke, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Peyronie’s disease, kidney disease, neurological disorders (injuries to the nerves, Parkinson´s disease, Alzheimer´s disease) or other conditions that effect blood vessels or nerves which control the blood flow into the penis. Potassium deficiency and arsenic poisoning are two more possible reasons.

The reason can also derive from previous surgery, beam radiation therapy or other medical procedures which can remove or damage nerves or other tissue necessary for successful erection (this damage can sometimes correct it-self within 6-18 months). Hormonal imbalance or low levels of some hormones (testosterone) can be the cause of the dysfunction and lack of sexual desire.

Among other origins, the most common is smoking, as nicotine is narrowing blood vessels. Some prescription drugs or other medications (pressure medications, anti-depressants, tranquilizers, antihistamines, etc.) as well as drug and alcohol abuse can also cause erectile dysfunction .

In addition, the ability to have a strong and durable erection diminishes with age. Furthermore, the general health and lifestyle play a role, as being overweight and getting too little exercise are possible risk factors. Overexposure to intense light has also been reported as one of the possible causes, as it can produce stress to the human body and thus induce hypertension.

A special risk group present cyclists who cycle a lot, as the bicycle seat can pressure on the perineum (the area between the anus and the scrotum rich with arteries and nerves) and obstruct or even damage the flow of blood. The simple solution for this problem is to buy a specially adapted seat.

Psychological causes E.D.:

It does not have to be physical. Psychological reasons can go from as simple as performance nervousness, negative feelings (anger, disgust, poor self-esteem, etc.), stress, anxiety or depression, to conditions as serious as psychological problems and mental disorders (clinical depression, schizophrenia or other personality disorders, panic disorders, anxiety disorders, etc.).

E.D. Treatments and Help

Erectile dysfunction can be helped with some male enhancement methods, physically with a penis vacuum pump or chemically by taking drugs and medicines.

Penis vacuum pumps:

The main tool to help patients with erectile dysfunction is a penis pump also called a vacuum pump. Although this device does not treat the symptoms, it helps a man reach a firm erection to conduct sexual intercourse by drawing blood into the penis and retaining it there by squeezing the base of the penis with a ring and thus preventing it to flow back into the body.

There is a huge difference in quality between the cheap vacuum pumps you can buy in the sex shops and are meant more as a gadget to make sexual life more fun, and proper medical penis pumps intended for helping erectile dysfunction patients in a professional way.

Medications and supplements:

Medication and penis enlargement supplements, taken orally or by injecting substances directly into the penis or inserting a medicated pellet into the urethra, are additional options.

Medications carry some risks. As they influence the blood circulatory system and blood pressure, it is very important for your treating doctor to know if you have any other diseases or conditions before prescribing you with a drug, otherwise bad things can happen (you have probably heard of Viagra related deaths). There is also a risk of permanent erection (priapism). This may seem fun at first, but is not something you would want in the end, for sure.

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