Penis Erection Health

Every man faces problems with erection or erectile dysfunction sooner or later in life, but it is not something you should be worried about if it happens only once in awhile. It becomes a problem when it occurs frequently.

Why is it Important to Monitor Erectile Quality?

With time the hardness of erection starts to decrease. This happens normally with aging, but it can also be a sign of deteriorating general health. As the erection is highly connected with the flow of blood into the penis, the decline in the hardness of it can indicate more serious medical conditions. These are mostly illnesses connected with narrowed blood vessels which obstruct the flow of blood into the penis (diseases of the cardiovascular system and heart disease, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, diabetes or even kidney disease) – conditions which are not necessarily connected with aging.

Not just to have information about the degree of hardness of the penis in particular, but also to get information about the general health condition of the body, it is advisable to follow the hardness of erection over a longer period of time. By measuring the hardness with a special device – erectile health monitor – it is possible to obtain objective information about it.

Erectile Health Monitor

Special devices called erectile health monitors are available in the market for measuring the quality or firmness of penile erection. These devices offer you an objective insight into your penis health and enable comparing the gathered measurements through time. This gives an objective picture of the erection hardness fluctuation, therefore, it can be used as a prevention to alarm you on time before your health deteriorates, in monitoring sexual fitness, or it can serve in erectile dysfunction treatment to monitor improvements.

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