Penis Extender vs. Penis Surgery

When comparing achieving penis enhancement with penile surgery or by traction using a penis extender device, many advantages point in the direction of the extender.

Penis extenders are medically tested in clinical penis augmentation studies and proven to work in almost all of the cases. The device works on the principle of traction, forcing the penis to grow slowly in a natural non-invasive way.

This method of increasing your size by traction is completely safe and has no side effects or unwanted end results. During the treatment there is no pain involved, except if the patient’s glans (head of penis) is hypersensitive. The treatment just needs an initial adjusting period for the penis to get accustomed to the new feeling.

The penis enlarger is easy to use and can be applied by the patient him-self. In this sense it is more discreet, as it can be done by the user at home. Although, a consultation with the personal physician or a professional in the field is advised, though this is not obligatory if the patient is healthy and has no medical threat or disease.

During the therapy, the user is free to proceed with his normal day to day life and attend to all the normal activities and errands (walking, sitting, working, etc.) which means he doesn’t need to take a few days off work or his normal life to undergo surgery and rest to heal after it.

Once obtained, the results are permanent, but it takes somewhere between half a year up to a year, or sometimes even more, to achieve the desired result. This requires patience and discipline by the user, as it is necessary to use the device every day for an extended period of time.

On the other hand, surgery is a very aggressive invasive method of cutting and adjusting tissues which often makes it painful, especially in the post-operative healing period. It offers results in much shorter time (healing takes a few weeks), but the assurances the result will be, as the patient imagined it, are much lower. Penis surgery is far less effective in rate of successful cases, as well as in cm / inches gained.

Surgical operation is more unpredictable and it often has complications. It is not uncommon for these complications to require a secondary surgical procedure to correct it. Unwanted side effects such as formation of scar tissue, due to improper healing can occur and as a result of that even shortening of the penis can be a common unwanted side effect. This is exactly the result opposite of the wanted one. Nonetheless, it is done by professionals under constant supervision.

Last but not least, surgery is much more expensive, as the prices start from a few thousand dollars or euros onwards. The penis extenders can be obtained for a few hundred dollars or euros which makes it a much more economic solution.

Recommended Products

Androextender – basic extender device for penis enlargement

Made of surgical aluminum and hypo-allergenic plastics this is the basic, lighter and more affordable penis extender made by Andromedical laboratories, clinically proven to be efficient in gaining up to 4 cm (1.6 in) in length and 1.5 cm (0.6 in) in girth.

Andropenis Gold – medical extender for penis enlargement

For a slightly higher price Andromedical laboratories offer a penis extender made of hypo-allergenic plastics and nickel coated with 24-carat gold to avoid metal allergies. It is accompanied by a set of additional comfort bands, more components for protection of the penis, and includes all the guaranties and certifications.

Andropharma penis – penis enlargement supplement

To aid the penis enlargement or correction process using the penis extender, Andromedical laboratories offer this specially combined herbal supplement pill formula which helps achieve faster, greater results as well as boosts libido.