Penis Exercises

The most common method of penis exercises, known also as milking or jelqing which is done to obtain a bigger penis, is based on firmly embracing a semi-erect penis (usually with the thumb and index finger), and repeatedly dragging from the base to the glans (head) of the penis to force more blood towards the end of the penis.

There are numerous alternatives and variations on the subject. A number of them can also be exercised with some professional or amateur devices in the shape of clams, rollers etc. A Most of these practices are passed on by oral tradition (now mostly over the internet) and are not supported by any scientific studies or research.

The dangers involve hurting or even damaging penis tissues permanently (scaring, discoloration of the skin, rupture of the penile veins and capillaries, etc.) so you should always be cautious when performing these exercises and never overdo it. If the treatment you are performing becomes uncomfortable, or even painful, you should stop doing it.

Weight Hanging

Weighting the penis with additional load is probably one of the oldest techniques of penis enlargement and has also been practiced by some tribes.

A string is tied around the penis (usually behind the glans – head) and on the loose end a suspended weight is tied. The exercise consists of raising the weight repeatedly for shorter periods of time (few minutes) using only the penis, and adding weight through time. This increases strength of the penis as well as stamina and at the same time causes the penis to lengthen. Gains in girth are less common and usually only occur at the base of the penis.

This practice is very dangerous, as it can produce many severe injuries and permanent damage to the penis (nerve and other tissue damage, tearing of the tissue, scarring, pain, erectile dysfunction or even permanent impotence); therefore, it is not advisable to do it. While the practice can stretch the penis extensively, the damage caused to the tissues and nerves is so great, complete impotence is inevitable and erection can not be achieved any more.

More modern methods based on similar principle of stretching are available nowadays which are much safer; the most prosperous one is using a penis enlarger device.


Clamping is a very dangerous routine, and its use is discouraged by professionals and medical community alike. It can cause serious permanent damage of great extent to the penis.

The principle of the method is to compress the base of the penis tightly during an erection to prevent the blood flow out of the penis using a tool or device – existing, homemade or bought (string, clamp, ring, etc.), and then put off orgasm during masturbation to gain girth.

It is especially dangerous to use a tool or device that is made of hard material, such as metal or wood that can not be bent, broken or cut easily because the trapped blood in the penis can make it impossible to remove it and thus extreme measures such as emergency intervention or even an amputation must be taken.

Once again, it is necessary to stress, it is not advised to undergo such hazardous exercises, as the dangers are far greater than possible gains. If you still decide to do it, you will probably reach greater results faster, if you combine penis exercises with herbal penis enlargement supplement therapy which increases the blood flow to the penis and thus improves the effect of exercises.

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