penis Curvature Corrective Surgery

The classical method to treat this condition is by curvature corrective surgery, but with the rapid development of other techniques in recent years, especially effective treatments with penis extenders, the aggressive surgical procedures have lost their popularity with patients as well as doctors.

Although penis surgery is still considered an option with most severe cases, it should be performed by highly skilled surgeons with plenty of knowledge in urological corrective surgery.

Penis Curvature Surgeries

Several surgical techniques exist and are considered and chosen according to the size of the patient’s penis, his conditions and the presence of other medical disorders.

  • Surgery on the unaffected side:
    In case of adequate penis size, surgeons tend to choose this procedure (Nesbit method) which includes shortening the side that it is not affected by scar tissue. The result in most cases is an overall reduction of the penis length and in some cases side effects presented by erectile problems.
  • Surgery on the affected side:
    When the penis length is too short to apply the previous method because the patient could lose considerable length, another alternative is lengthening the side affected by the fibrosis. In this case, the surgeon cuts out the part with the fibrosis and replaces the holes left with autologous or synthetic tissues. This method can also have penis shortening and erectile dysfunction as a consequence.
  • Implants:
    The third kind is an invasive surgical procedure which consists in introducing implants into the penis, usually semi-rigid, that can also be modified in order to get the optimum results. These may also help in cases of erectile dysfunction when having difficulties getting a normal erection.

Have in sight that if you undergo a correction surgery to fix your curved penis, there is always a high probability of penis retraction involved in the process. That is why it is highly recommended to combine it with a penis stretcher treatment in the post-operative healing period to control and minimize the risks of penile retraction.

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Andropeyronie – medical fda extender device for penile curvatures

For treating medical conditions of curved penis and Peyronie’s disease Andromedical laboratories have created Andropeyronie penis extender which is confirmed to correct the curvature up to 50% and lengthen penis. The set includes the device, components for more comfort and protection of the penis and all the guaranties and certifications..

Androsurgery – medical extender for post-surgical treatment

To help against penis retraction due to scaring after urological surgery, Andromedical laboratories have created a special medically prescribed Androsurgery extender device. The set includes the device, components for more comfort and protection of the penis and all the guaranties and certifications.










Penile grip for Peyronie’s disease therapy is a nonsurgical approach that involves using a device to correct the alignment of the penis by traction therapy.

Male who select Penile traction for Peyronie’s illness put on a gadget for a period of time each day over numerous months. These gadgets are called penis extenders or penile traction gadgets and are based upon the principle that tension from extending the penis might cause a decrease in penile curvature. Some men without Peyronie’s condition likewise utilize Penile extenders with the hope they will certainly make their penis much longer.

Penile extenders are made up of a plastic ring that fits around the head of the penis as well as is attached to 2 movable metal rods that run down the sides of the penis. These poles use tension upward by positioning pressure on a plastic support that rests against the body. Penile grip treatment can be used both with or without other treatments, including injectable and also dental medicines.

Studies of Penile Traction for Peyronie’s disease Treatment.
In a research study of 10 males with Peyronie’s disease, the individuals used grip therapy called the Andropeyronie Penile Extender. Nine of the men had not boosted using prior clinical therapy. All the guys used the grip device as the only therapy for 2 to 8 hours per day for six months.

At the end of six months, the reduction in penile curvature ranged from 10 to 45 levels, with the average reduction of 33% as well as the penis extended by 1 to 2.5 centimeters. Stretched drooping penis size boosted 0.5 to 2.0 centimeters and put up girth boosted 0.5 to 1.0 cm. The guys additionally kept in mind an improvement in the International Index of erect girth increased.

No side effects, such as skin modifications, ulcerations, or a reduction in strength were noted. (Levine 2008).

Andropharma Curvature.

Penis curvature correction supplements

An Andromedical supplement developed for those who have issues with Peyronie’s disease and also penile curvature. (PubMed).

Existing researches show that Peyronie’s illness (induratio penis plastica) is an inflammatory illness of the penis where the flexible coat (tunica albuginea) of the penis central sponge tissue (corpora cavernosa) endures an injury. Consequentially, the afflicted area sheds flexibility as well as when filled with blood does not stretch, yet instead triggers the penis to curve towards the scar. Peyronie’s disease is one of the most usual reason for excessive penis curvature.