Penis Enlargement

It is perfectly natural to desire penis enlargement. Most men do, even if it is not connected to comparing themselves to the models from the pornographic industry. Sometimes, a few centimeters or an inch can improve a man’s life and thus the quest for a penis enhancement treatment can be considered legitimate.

However, the desire for a bigger penis becomes dangerous when it grows into an obsession that obstructs normal life or work. Obsession can lead to wrong choices and trying the first method or product one can find, thinking that is the promised-land he was looking for.

Techniques have been evolved and we are now far from hanging uncontrolled weights from the penis. Today’s possible procedures include various methods that can be classified in two major sections: surgical techniques and non-surgical methods, among which we can find stretching devices, exercises and penis enlargement supplements.

Many reports, articles or scientific penis augmentation studies discuss the success of these methods, but it is not always easy to know if they are really permanent or not and what kind of side effects they bring with them. Even though, the consumer has to make the distinction between fraudulent marketing advertisements and real scientific based arguments, it is widely accepted that it is possible for a man to enlarge his penis.

The myth has been broken and penis enlargement is now reality, so let us have a brief look at each of the techniques.

Penis Enlarger Devices

In the last decade we have observed the raise of penis enlarger devices based on the principle of traction. This scientific foundation, used widely in modern medicine for bones and tissues, is now successfully applied to the penis. The technique consists of stretching the shaft of the penis for an extended period of time applying a progressive traction force, thus causing new cells to grow, which consequentially causes the entire penis to grow in length as well as in girth, in erected and flaccid state. The gained results are permanent.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

The penis surgery has made improvements during these past years. Nonetheless, even though we can obtain positive results, it still presents many risks of side effects (such as the penile retraction or erectile dysfunction) which do not always make this option the perfect alternative when penis extenders and surgery are compared. The surgery usually consists of cutting the suspensory ligament and posterior enlargement of penis. Even though this way to increase penis size is faster, this method does not always offer permanent results, due to later retraction of penis.

Penis Pumps

Even though people think penis pumps can enlarge the penis, this is not completely true. The vacuum pump is used to obtain instant erections in cases of impotence and resolve other erectile dysfunction difficulties with having or maintaining an erection. The treatment takes place in a cylinder in which the penis is introduced. The vacuum atmosphere produced inside causes more blood to flow into the penis resulting in an apparently longer and larger penis. But when the vasodilator effect ends, the penis tends to recover to its original size. Nevertheless, pumps are very useful in getting stronger and firmer erections in the newest sexual fitness concept.

Penis Enlargement Pills

A considerable amount of websites offer miracle pills to enlarge the penis. What we can say is science has not discovered any substance (drug or plant) with this capacity. It is therefore important to read between the lines. Those penis pills usually contain vitamins, minerals, amino-acids, herbs or hormones that tend to increase testosterone levels and help blood vessels expand which principally allows more blood to flow into the penis producing more libido, stronger erections and may give the sensation of a larger and wider penis but the truth is that they must be considered as a complement of a penis enlargement treatment and not as a full treatment.

Penis Exercises

This technique based on improving the vascularization in the corpus cavernosum consists in a hand-over-hand motion to drive blood along the shaft from the base of the penis to the glans while semi-erect. These penis exercises are not free of side effects and there is no proof of their effectiveness, due the lack of scientific studies.

Bear in mind, male enhancement methods have different success rates and some are more suitable for a specific problem than others. That is why it is important to learn as much as you can about different existing possibilities, so in the end you can choose the one that is most appropriate for your condition.

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