Micropenis Growth

When a penis is shorter than 7-8 cm / around 3 inches during erection it is referred to as a micropenis or a minipenis. This boundary is not clearly defined, it is around there somewhere. Unlike penis growth for aesthetic reasons, this condition is considered a real medical condition or disorder, as it represents difficulty in sexual penetration and therefore in procreation.

How to Treat Micropenis?

As micropenis is mostly caused by abnormal development of testicles, insufficient production of testosterone or androgen insensitivity, it is often treated with testosterone therapy. This procedure has limited success and the penis almost never reaches average size. That is why the condition is also treated with the help of penis augmentation surgery, but since surgery still has many downsides and possible complications as well as high prices, other possibilities are being considered and tried.

Now this problem can be helped significantly using a specially adapted penis extender device. With exceptionally small penises which are too small to be helped with adapted extenders only, a surgical procedure can increase the size of penis partially and later an extension treatment is performed to add more length and girth. The device works in the same way as a regular penis enlarger, but it is adapted for a smaller penis.

The results are encouraging, but the user has to be persistent in the extension procedure and maintain good discipline throughout the treatment. It namely takes some time to reach substantial results (at least a few months) and the device has to be worn every day for some hours. As with the usual extender, if the patient does not practice this routine regularly and determinately, there won’t be much success.

Surgery Combined With Other Penis Extension Treatments

Since retraction of penis is possible due to incorrect healing after the penis growth surgery, more and more surgeons use penis extenders in the post-operative treatment which prevents the retraction by holding the penis in place while it heals. If the extender is worn for a longer period of time a slight additional enlargement has also been observed.

To assist the treatment with the penis extender, it is also possible to combine it with additional penis pills or other form of supplements. The substances in these products boost the blood-flow into the penis and in this way help cells get more nutrients and oxygen which helps them grow faster and more successfully. The increased quantity of blood in the penis also causes more powerful and longer lasting erections and increases strength of the penis. It is the same principle as when building muscles.

Recommended Products

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