Penis Pump

A penis pump, also called vacuum pump is a device to help reaching erection or making it firmer and longer lasting.

How Does a Penis Pump Work?

A penis pump is a cylinder or a tube open on one end and closed on the other. It is placed over the penis, adjusted tightly to the base of it, and then the air is pumped out manually or by a motorized engine to achieve lower pressure (partial vacuum) in the cylinder. As the air pressure around the penis is lower than normal, this causes more blood to be pumped into the penis by the body and thus erects it.

The device often has a flexible constriction ring that has to be used in case of impotence or incapability to maintain erection. The ring is slid on the base of the penis after the erection is attained to prevent blood flowing out of the penis and thus loss of erection after the removal of the pump, when the pressure around the penis is normal again.

Uses of Penis Pumps

The use of penis pumps is mostly limited to erectile dysfunction treatment as assistance in achieving erection or making it harder and last longer; or as a device for improving sexual fitness by having more erections in a row without reaching orgasm which builds resistance and stamina in the penis.

Some sources also state possible increasing of penis size with a penis pump. Because of the lower pressure inside the pump, the tissue expands with repeated sessions and this can eventually results in small, but permanent volume gains. Although some studies report statistically significant augmentation in length with continuous long term use, others did not find statistically significant results.

Dangers and Annoyances of Penis Pumps

Dangers of this treatment mostly come from excessive use or abuse. Excessive pumping and very low pressure in the tube will not make the penis harder, but it will cause damage to the vasculature system in the penis (burst blood vessels and blisters). Some models of pumps, especially the types with motorized engines have a limit to which the lowered pressure goes and which the pump will not surpass. This ensures no injuries can occur, even if the user is taking the pumping too far (intentionally or unintentionally). Minor bruises or skin abrasions are possible in the area where the cylinder of the pump meets with the body. In extreme cases the testicles can be sucked into the tube and cause discomfort, pain, and sometimes injury.

It is advised to use the device with appropriate lubricant (usually water based) which is not harmful to the material to ensure better seal of the pump at the base of the penis and to ease removing the pump and the ring as well as avoid friction between the pump, the ring and the skin.

In addition, the manufacturers of penis pumps usually advise to remove the ring after 30 minutes of use, as prolonged use could cause permanent damage.

To ensure safe and effective use, search for a declared medical penis pump sold by a trustworthy company. Do not buy it in your local sex shop or on a cheap internet site, as cheap merchandise is also low in quality and there is a high probability the pump will be flawed (it will not hold the pressure, it will be uncomfortable for use, etc.). For more things you should be careful about, read the Advice Before Buying section.

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