Penis Pills

Male enhancement pills and other similar products are meant to improve man’s sexual performance and enjoyment. Numerous chemical substances in forms of pills, ointments, patches, powders, drinks, potions, etc., can be found on the market nowadays, especially on the internet. Most of them are based on herbal extracts, but can also contain animal extracts, vitamins and minerals, hormones or hormone production stimulators (most commonly testosterone) and steroids.

The aim of male enhancement products is to increase and lengthen erection, increase orgasm sensation, reduce premature ejaculation and recovery time after orgasm, improve sexual health and fitness, increase libido and hormone levels, etc.

How Do Penis Pills Work?

The principle of substances in penis pills and similar products is to widen the blood vessels and enhance the flow of blood into the penis, hence causing firmer and longer erection. If the product includes hormones or hormone production stimulators (mostly testosterone) it also increases the levels of these hormones in the body which trigger the response the hormone causes.

Usually penis enhancement and supplement pills include extracts of herbs which have long been used in folk medicine around the world and are considered aphrodisiacs. Mostly these extracts improve blood flow like extracts from ginkgo biloba leaves, ginseng root and similar plants. One of the plants which is also often used is cat`s head, also called devil`s thorn (Tribulus terrestris). The plant has been used in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine and known in Europe since ancient times. It stimulates the natural production of testosterone by the body thus improving sexual performance and stamina. Some pills also contain other naturally found components, vitamins or minerals.

In recent years the penis enlargement industry has incorporated certain amino-acids in some of their products as well, mostly L-arginine and L-ornithine. These amino-acids have long been taken by body-builders and some athletes, as they boost recovery and endurance. L-arginine has an important role in tissue healing and cardiovascular fitness. It dilates blood vessels which allow more blood to enter into the penis, thus helping also with the erectile dysfunction problems. It is produced naturally by the human body and can also be ingested with some types of food. L-ornithine helps reduce physical fatigue and helps eliminate ammonia from the body. Some believe the two combined stimulate the production of human growth hormone in the body, but this is still hardly debated. If you decide to take penis pills which contain such chemicals bear in mind there possible side effects similar to any kind of steroid treatments.

Are Penis Supplements Scientifically Proven?

It is necessary to clarify first, there is no such thing as a pill or any other kind of natural or artificial substance that makes your penis grow by it-self. Promises like that are deceiving and fake. Only a physical treatment (penis surgery or stretching with a penis extender) can increase the size of penis. There are no clinical or medical studies which would prove the effects of supplement treatment on the growth of penis. You only have to read the ingredients’ functions and you will see none of them has a function to increase penis. They can, however, help improve erection making it stronger and longer, boost libido and sexual drive, etc.

Substances in the enhancement supplements only work as long as they are present in the body, as they are acting chemically to get a response from the body. They ensure more blood is coming to the penis, as the blood vessels get wider, but there is no permanent effect.

Mostly these products just include herbal extracts and other naturally accessible substances in order to be declared as supplements and avoid the need for health authority approval (such as the US FDA) for which expensive, complicated and time consuming clinical studies are necessary to prove effectiveness of the treatment as well as absence of serious unwanted and harmful side effects.

Advantages and Inconveniences of Herbal Supplements

As said, these penis pills and herbal supplements can not make the penis bigger by them-selves, but taken in combination with another treatment (most of all enlarging a penis with a penis enlarger they can boost the effects of this other treatment significantly and shorten the time necessary to reach the desired results.

Follow the manufacturer’s directions on the dosage and do not consume more than advised. Mostly, nothing bad will happen, the excessive amounts of active substances will simply be eliminated from the body, but some of the substances can be harmful if taken in excessive quantity, so pay attention to the instructions. After all, these are products with medicinal effects. In some cases abuse of these substances by athletes (especially, taking large quantities of amino-acids, hormones and steroids) can have serious side effects, including death by heart failure.

Studies have shown a lot of these herbal pills contain harmful ingredients such as molds, yeast, bacteria (also dangerous kinds of E. coli), pesticides, lead and other heavy metals, fecal contamination etc. Even though there is a lot of bad merchandise on the market, the ineffective and often even harmful or poisonous products can be avoided with a little care and information gathering. For better awareness read some useful advice before buying that we have gathered.

It is advisable to read the ingredients list and check the substances listed. Some of them can cause serious side effects like liver or kidney damage, even though they are on sale. Some of the products have even been banned by the FDA, so check their web page and the ingredients before buying anything.

If you have allergies, you should check for those ingredients too to avoid any unwanted complications. In addition to getting information by your-self, it is advisable to consult your treating doctor about dangerous drug interactions.

To avoid poor quality products, try to find a reliable company that has been on the market for some time and also guarantees for its products. Do not buy the cheapest thing you can find on the internet, as it will probably result not only in wasted money but also in damaged health. It is important to find products with quality ingredients.

If the products are of good quality, they can be very helpful. Even though pills do not make penis grow by it-self, they give much assistance if taken during penis extender use, as they boost the blood flow to the penis. They also improve sexual fitness and erection, making it harder and longer, increase sexual desire, stamina, etc.

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