Impotence can be described as a severe erectile dysfunction where no erection at all can be achieved or no effective sexual intercourse can be performed, due to infertility, no ejaculation or lack of interest in sex.

The origins and causes of impotence as a problem of getting or preserving erection are mostly the same as described in the chapter of erectile dysfunction. Physical origins include diabetes, cardio-vascular diseases, neurological disorders and diseases, hormonal imbalances, etc. Unhealthy lifestyle such as alcohol and drug abuse, smoking, lack of exercise, not enough sleep, etc. diminishes the vitality of blood circulation. Psychological reasons vary from nervousness, overwork, stress, exhaustion, anxiety, depression, etc. to more serious psychological disorders or diseases.

Help for Impotence

Severe erectile dysfunction and impotent penis can be helped by using a device like a penis vacuum pump. Though, this does not cure the symptoms, it helps to reach an erection or sustain and prolong it which allows having sexual intercourse and have a successful orgasm.

Penis surgery is used only as a last resort for severe erectile dysfunction patients suffering from impotence when all other methods showed no progress in treatment. It is a very aggressive and can not be reversed. Usually rods or inflatable implants are inserted in the penis to produce erection when desired.

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